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Fibre Optic Cable

The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading international supplier of components for electrical and optical interconnection applications in the fields of Telecommunications, Industry and Transport.

HUBER+SUHNER Fiber Optics Division produces a complete range of standard fiberoptic connectors, cables and assemblies to the highest quality standards. WIth increasing demand for broadband, Huber + Suhner also offer fibre optic systems for LTE, Fibre in the Home, a large range of components for FTTH, and fibre management systems for Data Centres. Besides these applications, Huber + Suhnerfibgre optioc also supports control and data transmission for industrial automation, transportation and renewable energy sectors.

The following table lists the range of HUBER+SUHNER fibre cables available. Click on an image to go to the HUBER+SUHNER web site for details and specifications on any particular cable type.