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InTELCOM Services Limited has a range of masts for both civil and military applications.

Teksam Company NV (previously Clark Masts™)

Fast Erecting, Air-operated, Mechanical, Telescopic or Sectional Masts


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Civilian Series Masts

QT Series Lightweight Mast, air pressure operated
FT Series Lightweight Telescopic Masts with attached Tripod for directional or omni-directional headloads
Civilian Range brochure Fast Erecting, air-operated, mechanical, telescopic, and sectional mast systems




Clark Mast

Military Series Masts

FT-RM Masts Lightweight telescopic mast with attached tripod for directional or omni-directional headloads
PU Masts Lightweight, manually extended mast, field or vehicle mounted for general purpose military use
TekMast™ Tactical Field Mast - A new light-weight sectional mast
Military Mast Programme Telescopic & Sectional Mast Systems






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