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InTELCOM Services Limited is pleased to present products from CRU. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, CRU is a pioneer in data security and data mobility devices.

CRU has a proud history of creating de facto global standards for government and law enforcement, education, audio/video production, digital cinema and content, and business markets.


USB Data DiodeUSB Data Diode

Lawyers, forensics investigators, and corporate IT staff who want to transfer data from an unsecured network to a secured network rely upon the CRU® WiebeTech® USB DataDiode™ to protect data. 

In network environments with secure (classified) networks, rules exist to keep the secure network isolated from less secure (unclassified) networks. USB DataDiode ensures connection to only one host at a time, so that secure and non-secure networks are never connected to each other.

  • USB DataDiode is connected to two hosts with two USB cables. It's easy to select the desired host with the flip of a switch.
  • Prepare data to copy from the unsecure host with full read/write access to the USB device connected to USB DataDiode.
  • Press the switch on USB DataDiode to terminate the connection with the unsecure host, and begin a connection with the secure host.
  • The secure host now can copy data, but cannot write any data back to the USB device, as this host has a read-only connection.
  • Use the included Forensic Software Utility to display information about connected devices and enable you to save the information in common text formats when in Read-Only mode.


Digital Cinema Storage Solutions and Content Distribution

CRU is the preferred supplier of storage solutions for digital cinema and content distribution, with over 1 million units in the field. From innovative and rugged removable drives, carriers, and frames, CRU can provide your solution. Here is a small selection of options:

  • DC Mini - Compact hard drive enclosure for digital movie distribution
  • Rugged Shipping Case with/without DCmini
DC Mini Image
  • DX115DC - Rugged removable hard drive carrier for digital movie distribution
  • Rugged Shipping Case with/without DX115 DC +/- USB 3.0MoveDock Adapter


DX115DC Image
  • RAX - one, two four & eight-Bay RackMount JBOD storage rack for digital movie content
RAX Image
  • RTX - with USB 3.0, eSATA, and dual FireWire 800 external connections, cables included
  • 1-bay hard drive enclosure designed for DX115 DC drive carriers


Data Harbour Network Backup Appliance

The DataHarbor Network Backup Appliance is a simple, secure backup and disaster recovery appliance. With flexible installation options (lay it flat, stand it up, or mount in a rack), it's ideal for any small office situation. Small businesses will like how easy it is to create a backup of their sensitive data. They simply need to pull the carrier and insert a new one. The RAID automatically rebuilds without needing to restart the server.

  • Restore one file or an entire workstation
  • Painless setup, administration, and backup disk rotation
  • Optional hardware encryption securely protects important client and business data
  • Pre-installed with Windows Storage Server Essentials (WSSE) 2008 R2

There are three options: DataHarbour with DataPort 10 Carriers; DataHarbour with DataPort 10 Secure Carriers; DataHarbour with TrayFree™ Carriers.


Data Encryption

Drive enclosures come with a built-in encryption engine, so no special software is required on your computer (to be come obsolete). A physical hardware key is inserted to decrypt.

CRU Encryption Products


AES Key Programmer and Keys

Standalone Key Programmer uses a random code generator that meet the requirements of FIPS 140-2

DataHarbor Network Backup Appliance

DataPort 10 Secure drive carriers with built-in hardware encryption
RAX 2 Bay Secure Encryption With USB 3.0/2.0, eSATA, and FireWire 800 (backward compatible to FW400) connections
RTX Secure Powerful 256-bit hardware encryption in a convenient backup system
ToughTech Secure Rugged AES encrypted storage enclosures
Encryptor, AES 256 In-line SATA hard drive encryption


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Ditto Field Stations

DITTO Digital investigation, eDiscovery, data capture and analysis. Ditto natively supports many write-blocked inputs: SATA, eSATA, PATA, USB2.0. Additional acquisition interfaces are available via expansion modules, such as the Ditto USB 3.0 Expansion Module and Ditto SAS Expansion Module. The hand-held Ditto Forensic FieldStation travels with you or a technician for use in creating local, remote, or networked disk clones and images, including logical imaging of user-selectable lists of files and folders. Configure and manage via network or on the unit itself.


Data Port Storage

The CRU DataPort® 41 enclosure is a sturdy four-bay removable drive enclosure that mounts in a standard 5.25-inch drive bay – like a CD ROM bay – and accepts four 2.5-inch hard disk drives or SSDs. Each drive bay uses a scratchless connector rated for up to 50,000 insertion/removal cycles.

DataPort 41 Image
  • Each drive runs independently at 6 Gbps

  • Each of the four drives has a dedicated power supply
  • The drives operate independently which means each drive can be easily swapped out without affecting performance or functionality of the other drives

  • The DP41 interface supports JBOD or RAID controllers


ToughTech Drives

ToughTech drives offer a range of portable, secure drives and enclosures for professionals. Options include RAID, encryption, write protect and write locked with a range of interfaces (Firewire 400 & 800, USB 2 & 3, eSATA) and accessories.

ToughTech m3 Image

Professional photographers, musicians, and creatives rely on CRU® ToughTech® drive enclosures, like the ToughTech m3, for safe, secure storage of their images, recording sessions, and other important data. Its rugged portability and small size makes the ToughTech m3 perfect for storing data on the set or on the stage - and then tossing it into a bag for travel back to the studio.



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