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RADOX®, a registered HUBER+SUHNER trademark, is synonymous with high-grade low frequency products developed and produced by Huber+Suhner. RADOX® insulating and jacketing materials, which are predominantly electron-beam cross-linked, possess the special properties required for developing and manufacturing technically superior products.

RADOX® insulation offers excellent resistance to thermal, chemical, electrical and mechanical loads. Thanks to reduced wall thickness, it also saves weight and space.

Key Benefits of RADOX®

• Withstands harsh environments
• Will not melt, flow or shrink
• Halogen Free (Low toxicity)
• High flexibility with tight bending radii
• Increased resistance to stress cracking
• Abrasion and chemical resistant

• Reduced wall thickness saves weight and space
• Easy to strip
• Long service life
• Complies with IEC 60332-3-24 C

Cross Linking with high energy electrons
changes the chemical structure of the polymers.
A melting material, becomes a non melting material

InTELCOM can provide a range of RADOX® cables that satisfy stringent criteria demanded by industry.

Industrial Applications

AVIATION – RF Certified Products
AUTOMATION – cabling for assembly lines, packaging plants, robotics, IoT
MANUFACTURING – coil winding, motors, lighting systems, appliances, control systems
– withstand extreme ambient conditions, suitable for tight spaces
INDUSTRIAL CABLE – Battery, Control, Sensor, Power, Signal


Transportation Applications

Automotive – cables and systems
Rail – electrical/diesel units, rail vehicles, trams, indoor and outdoor environments

A selection of Huber + Suhner Catalogues may be downloaded at www.hubersuhner.com



Traction Cables for Rail Industry

RADOX® GKW are compact single core power and signal cables. They are halogen free, flame retardant, low smoke and have a low toxicity index. Demands for temperature, weathering, ozone and oil resistance are fulfilled easily.


Industrial & Manufacturing/Defence Cables

RADOX® 125/155 Cables are flexible connecting leads with excellent temperature, pressure and ageing resistance. The electron beam cross linked insulation is mechanically robust, does not melt and is resistant to most media, impregnation resins and insulating varnishes. The high flame retardance prevents fire propagation in case of fire.

Radox® 125 information

RADOX® 155 information

Huber+Suhner LF Overview

High performance wires according to MIL-W-22759/32 and MIL-W-81044/12 meet the most demanding requirements for airframe wiring, defence and other applications, where low weight and compact design are required.

RADOX® 22759/32 information

RADOX® 81044/12 information


Products for Oil and Gas (Marine)

Products for Offshore Applications




Wind Power Solutions

Wind Power System Solutions


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