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RF Test Cables


InTELCOM Services Limited can supply a large range of Huber + Suhner microwave test cables to suit the most demanding requirements. Please choose from the following range, or contact us for further information.


SUCOFLEX® 100 High performance microwave cable Sucoflex 100
SUCOFLEX® 200 Ultra low loss assemblies  Sucoflex 200
SUCOFLEX® 300 Lightweight, high-performance microwave cable Sucoflex 300
SUCOFLEX® 400 Best insertion loss, high phase stability versus temperature, excellent return loss and mechanical stability Sucoflex 400
SUCOFLEX® TVAC For thermal vacuum application TVAC
Minibend High performance, low profile Minibend CTR
Mini 141 High performance, phase stable, low loss Mini HT
Microbend High performance, low loss, low profile Microbend
Sucotest 26 / Sucotest 40 High frequency, low loss cables which are triple shielded for superior RF isolation Sucotest 26
Sucotest 18A Test lead for harsh environment Sucotest 18A
Sucotest 18 Precision at a constant high level Sucotest 18
TL-8A Economical test lead TL-8A
TL-P High flexible PIM test lead TL-P
Boa-flex Microporous PTFE dielectric for low loss with minimal phase change Boa-Flex
Steel-flex Lightweight flexible replacement for semi-rigid cable. Superior RF shielding, exceptional crush resistance Steel-Flex
Multiflex Flexible alternative to semi-rigid cables Multiflex
S-series Economical low loss microwave cables S-Series
Ever-flex For use in gimbal assemblies and where the cable assembly is subject to multiple tight bends Ever-Flex
Eacon Field terminable microwave cable Eacon
Sucoform Has a tin-soaked copper braid for the outer conductor, giving them outstanding hand-formability and small bending radii Sucoform
Cobra-flex High performance semi-rigid cable. Offered with many options Cobra-Flex
Semi-rigid Easily bent-to-finished shape which still maintains its set after bending Semi-rigid


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