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Data Center Infrastructure from Huber + Suhner

At HUBER+SUHNER, integrated data center solutions grew out of their expertise in the manufacture and supply of Fiber Optics and structured cabling. 


Huber + Suhner leverage over 25 years’ of experience in creating tailored fiber optic and balanced copper solutions which deliver business-critical services safely and reliably. Their fiber management system offers industry-leading packing density and remains a core competence in the markets of data center and FTTX.

HUBER+SUHNER’s data center portfolio is both easy to deploy and future-proofed. It provides modular and scalable end-to-end fiber management whilst offering the highest packing density on the market.

High Density Systems from Huber + Suhner

The cost factors in data centre delivery for the provider and the end customer include the physical site location, traffic requirements, and infrastructure, such as power, cooling and staffing requirements. A leading factor in cost per user is the density of servers and racking. A data centre that has a high occupancy is constrained in growth due to floor size and power use. With the Huber + Suhner NGR, growth can be achieved by smarter use of space rather than the huge cost of building a new data centre.


Huber + Suhner’s New Generation Racking provides extra space without the expense of creating a whole new data centre!


HUBER + SUHNER’S NGR offers full-height cabinets with a density of 3000 fibers per rack in a depth of only 300mm. We can also scale this down to wall-mounted cabinets offering only a few hundred fibers. Inside the cabinet is an intelligent and flexible fiber tray that can be used for almost any application or termination method. For example, the fiber tray can be utilised for pigtail-splicing, pre-assembled to a cable system or supplied as an MTP based system for fast deployments and to meet the evolution paths of 40G and 100G links.


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Huber + Suhner has acquired Polatis, an innovator in optical switching tehnologies. Polatis delivers the highest-performing optical layer connectivity and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions for the following markets:


Data Center Colocation


Government & Defense

Test & Measurement

Video Distribution



Applications include:




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