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Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

At InTELCOM Services we can meet your customised fibre optic cable assembly requirements by manufacturing cables to your specification.

Many connector types are supported e.g.:

· LSH (E-2000) · FCPC · LX.5 · MU
· LSA (DIN)      

The following are some of the cable types supported:

· Simplex cables
· Duplex cables
· Mini Duplex cables
· Breakout cables
· Minicord breakout cables
· Riser cables
· Mini Riser cables

To help us for your next assembly requirement, please tell us the following information:

1. Cable type preferred
2. Connectors End-A
3. Connectors End-B
4. Tail/breakout length End-A
5. Tail/breakout length End-B
6. Overall Length from end to end (ends of connectors)
7. Return loss specification if required
8. Label information if desired
9. Any other special requirements

If you are unsure of the cable you should use, or need help with your specification, then and we can help design the assembly required.